It’s another sad day for Kesha fans as the singer walked away from the courthouse in tears this morning. Kesha had her request to be released from her recording contract denied by a New York City judge, which will only push her next release-date farther into TBD territory.

The request made on behalf of Kesha was to free her from her recording contract with Sony, specifically under producer Dr. Luke’s “Kemosabe” label.

Kesha appeared in a New York City courtroom on Friday morning, outside the courthouse a large crowd of Kesha supporters cheered the singer on as she entered the building.

On social media the #FreeKesha movement lives on, but it did not influence the court’s decision, which ruled entirely against the pop-star. Before today’s courtroom events Kesha told her followers on Instagram, “This is for every woman who has been abused.”

The judge stated “there has been no showing of irreparable harm” against Kesha’s career at this point. It should be noted that Kesha is currently suing Dr. Luke for both sexual and emotional abuse. Kesha’s lawsuit also goes after Sony itself, for alleged negligence during the timeframe of Luke’s alleged abuse.

The judge also stated that Sony had given Kesha opportunity to record new music without having to deal with Dr. Luke, an idea that would benefit both Kesha and Sony, but Kesha’s lawyers called this an “illusory promise” and that it was not in Kesha’s best interest to take the offer.

Kesha’s lawyers state that this only proves that Sony has “sided with Dr. Luke” on that matter, and if Kesha did produce music with Sony they would not promote it.

“You’re asking the court to decimate a contract that was heavily negotiated and typical for the industry,” the judge said during proceedings. Kesha broke-down into tears in the courtroom, where she attended alongside her mother.