While the Grammy’s are sure to be the talk of the town this week on Twitter, last week was all Politics. Twitter users found the Republican debate to much more of a conversation starter than any of the new premieres or series. To the surprise of many, “Keeping up with the Kardashians” doesn’t seem to be keeping up with the competition on social-media these days.

CBS found itself in first place on the popular social-media service with “The Republican Debate” on 2/13/16. The live broadcast generated 159.9M impressions from 1.38M Tweets, that was from 243,000 users.

AMC premiered the “The Walking Dead” on Valentine’s Day, the zombie-filled premiere was the most Tweeted television series last week. The show hit 51.85M impressions from 813,000 Tweets, that was from a total of 258,000 accounts.

In a distant third-place was “The Bachelor” on 2/08/16, the reality-series hit 40.4M impressions from 236,000 Tweets, sent from 101,000 viewers.

In a distant fourth, NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” earned 24.2M impressions from 291,000 Tweets on 2/13/16. Those numbers came from 142,000 authors. The show featured musical guest Kanye West and host Melissa McCarthy.

While “Grey’s Anatomy” usually sits at the top of the charts, the 2/11/16 broadcast only brought in 11.5M impressions from 218,000 Tweets. The show landed in sixth-place overall and those numbers came from 97,000 Tweeters.

ABC’s “Scandal” also came in lower than expected, the 2/11/16 broadcast only managed seventh-place last week with 9M impressions from 49,000 users.

Crime dramas took eighth and ninth place with FX’s “American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson” on 2/09/16 and “How to Get Away With Murder” from ABC on 2/11/16. Those series hit 6.2M and 7M impressions respectively.

Rounding out the top-ten and coming in at the bottom of the list was E’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” which also aired on Valentine’s Day. The reality series only managed to reach 1.7M impressions from 25,000 Tweets. Those numbers were generated by just 17,000 users.