EA had two surprises for fans this morning, a new story-trailer for “Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst” and the confirmation of an upcoming beta-test.

The story trailer centers in on the game’s protagonist named Faith. The publisher talked about the trailer in today’s announcement telling fans that they will, “Discover Faith’s amazing journey with this new trailer,” adding that she will journey from, “carefree thrill-seeker to true heroine.”

The trailer also teases life as a runner, the game will offer players a unique free running and combat style as they travel about the city of Glass. EA also promised to disclose more about the game “in the upcoming months,” including more information about Faith’s story, the City and more about the gameplay mechanics.

In “Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst” players will reunite with Faith Connors, one of the best best Runners that the city of Glass has to offer. But Faith’s carefree days are numbered. As she crosses paths with the evil Gabriel Kruger and the city’s oppressive Conglomerate, Faith finds herself running for something far more important.

If you want to sign-up for the beta, you will have an oppurtunity to help test the game before it releases on May 24, 2016. EA stated, “We’re happy to announce that a Closed Beta for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is coming, and you can now sign up for a chance to be part of it.”

The Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on Origin for PC. The company added, “Stay tuned for more info on the Closed Beta, when it’s coming, and other details.”