In the very-early hours this morning, a surprise trailer for “10 Cloverfield Lane” was released online. The trailer was first shown during the Thursday night screenings of Michael Bay’s “13 Hours” in movie theaters across the country, and now you can watch it as well.

It’s a pretty fantastic achievement on behalf of Paramount Studio, it’s not easy to keep anything a secret anymore, let alone a sequel/spinoff of a popular 2008 found-footage thriller.

The film is produced through J.J. Abrams Bad Robot and just like the original did eight years ago, the new trailer is raising a lot of questions.

Abrams is calling the film a “blood relative” to Cloverfield in a statement that the popular directer and producer left on Twitter, but isn’t offering anymore details on the film at this time. This simply means that the new film will share the same universe as the original thriller, but other than that, anything is game.

We do have a handle on the cast at this point, with Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Gallagher Jr. taking the screen. In the trailer the duo’s characters are apparently with John Goodman, trapped in someway in an underground bunker trying to survive some kind of tragedy. The trailer ends as one of them escapes the bunker to face the terrors of the outside world.

Dan Trachtenberg is directing this installment, fans might remember his from his recent short-film called “Portal: No Escape”.

While “10 Cloverfield Lane” is still raising a lot of questions, we do have a release date for you at this time. The next strange installment to the series will hit theaters on March 11, 2016. Before then you can expect a ton of teaser-trailers, maybe a few stills from the film and some viral marketing from Paramount Pictures. More on that will be released as we get closer to the March 11th release date.