The Freeform social-media team was in full battle-mode yesterday as ABC Family officially officially changed to “Freeform.” The network launched an all-day effort to boost engagement on social-media, all leading up to premiere of “Pretty Little Liars” and “Shadowhunters”.

The social-media powerhouse earned the network the title of “most talked about TV Network” across all of social-media yesterday, garnering more than one-quarter of all TV Network conversation. That’s across an extremely broad-range of accounts as well, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Tumblr (26.9%) and delivering Tuesday’s Top 2 most-social entertainment TV series across Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter with the winter season premiere “Pretty Little Liars” (5.8 million engagements) and the highly-anticipated series launch of “Shadowhunters” (1.1 million engagements).

Moreover, in the first 24 hours of being available, the new Freeform app reached #2 in the entertainment category for iPhone on iTunes store charts.

The “Pretty Little Liars” army should be accustomed to seeing their favorite series at the top of the social-media charts by now. The winter season premiere of “Pretty Little Liars” ranked as Tuesday’s #1 TV telecast in Adults 18-34, Women 18-34, Viewers 12-34 and Females 12-34. The series was also the #1 cable TV telecast in Adults 18-49 and Women 18-49, as well as the #1 original scripted cable TV telecast in Total Viewers (2.25 million).

Let’s talk about record engagemnets becasue PLL is still dominating the charts. The series became the #1 scripted show on all TV per Total Engagements with 232.0 million across Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter this year. It is also the #1 scripted show on Instagram in terms of Total Fans (4 million) and Engagements (143.0 million), gaining more new followers than any other scripted program in 2015.

On top of that, PLL is the #1 scripted show on Twitter based on Engagements (28.0 million) and remains the holder of the most tweeted cable episode in TV history and of 8 of the Top 10 cable TV series telecasts overall.

On a smaller scale, nit just as impressive, PLL was the #1 most social TV show on the day, “Pretty Little Liars” amassed 5.8 million total engagements across Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter. To give you some perspective, the show outpaced MTV’s “Teen Wolf” by +465%.

PLL was also the #1 television series on each of the following social platforms: Facebook (535,673), Instagram (4.2 million) and Twitter (1.1 million).

Furthermore, in just its first day, the “Pretty Little Liars” Snapchat filter was used over 3.3 million times and on Instagram, the series now owns the two highest days of engagement of any program on the platform over the past year, with 4.2 million engagements yesterday (1/12/16) and 3.8 million engagements on Monday (1/11/16).

In its time period, “Pretty Little Liars” ranked as the #1 cable TV telecast for its 131st-consecutive original telecast in Females 12-34 – all telecasts since its June 2010 series launch – 83rd in Adults 18-34, 90th in Women 18-34 and 84th in Viewers 12-34.

“Pretty Little Liars” outperformed its year ago season debut by double digits among target demographics including by +12% in Total Viewers (2.25 million vs. 2.01 million), by +17% in Adults 18-34 (963,000 vs. 824,000), by +11% in Adults 18-49 (1.34 million vs. 1.21 million) and by +18% in Viewers 12-34 (1.45 million vs. 1.23 million).

The #FreeForm launch also helped Shadowhunters reach new highs. The series launch of “Shadowhunters” (9:02 p.m. EST) ranked as Freeform/ABC Family’s #1 series debut in over two years in Total Viewers (1.82 million), Adults 18-34, Adults 18-49, Women 18-49 and Viewers 12-34 – since “Ravenswood” (10/22/13).

The series was also the #4 cable TV drama launch overall of the past 12 months in 18-34 and 12-34 demos, behind only AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead,” “Better Call Saul” and “Into the Badlands,” of which the latter two benefited from their “The Walking Dead” lead in.

“Shadowhunters” generated 1.1 million total engagements yesterday across Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter, ranking as the #2 entertainment TV show on the day,behind only “Pretty Little Liars,” beating out MTV’s veteran “Teen Wolf” (1.0 million) and delivering more than 25 times the engagements as the network’s “The Shannara Chronicles” (40,077).

In the hour, “Shadowhunters” stood as the #1 cable TV telecast across 18-34 and 12-34 measures and was the #1 scripted original cable TV telecast in Adults 18-49 and Women 18-49.