Since its launch back in 2013, the “Disney Infinity” game has grown exponentially, adding characters from “Star Wars,” “Tangled” and “Pirated of the Caribbean” to a never-ending lineup of collectible figurines. Another popular franchise that Disney introduced to the “Disney Infinity” line was “Frozen,” and you can watch as Olaf the popular snowman goes from design to prototype in a video shared by the Disney brand.

In the video below, released by Disney as part of the company’s “Boxed” series, you can watch as an artist transforms the lovable character into a working Infinity figure for the game.

If you pick-up an Olaf in-store, odds are that it wasn’t hand-cut and painted from a talented Disney artist but it’s fun to watch the process.

Disney Infinity is an all-new video game initiative starring the beloved characters from Walt Disney and Pixar Studios’ most popular franchises. Players can place real-world toy versions of favorite Disney characters onto a device called the Infinity Base and transport them into the virtual game worlds of Monsters University, the Incredibles, Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lone Ranger and Toy Story, as well as into a giant Toy Box. Disney Infinity is available in stores now for a multitude of consoles and platforms.

The latest addition to the game has been the new “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” franchise, you can find more information on Disney Infinity and other collections on online retailers like