Ryan Coogler will follow-up his award-winning “Creed” by directing “Black Panther” for Marvel, the studio made the decision public earlier today.

Relatively new in the features-genre, Coogler also directed “Fruitvale Station,” which also featured “Creed” star Michael B. Jordan. This will be Coogler’s first film set within the Marvel Universe, and the first time that he is working within the Super-Hero realm.

“Creed” was a terrific success for the studio, earning over $103 million in ticket-sales and a wide-array of awards. It was just this weekend that Sylvester Stallone won a best supporting actor award at the Golden Globes, with many critics predicting that the film could earn Oscar nominations.

If you’ve been following along, news of Coogler directing “Black Panther” probably didn’t come as a surprise, there have rumors that Coogler would take-on the project for Marvel for the past few weeks now. Producing the film for Marvel will be Kevin Feige, Joe Robert Cole has been chosen to write the script for the film.

As for the titular role, Chadwick Boseman has been chosen to take on the role of Black Panther, also known as T’Challa. In the source material Black Panther is the a prince of the African nation of Wakanda. It’s soon after T’Challa’s father is murdered that he must lead his people. Black Panther is expected to first appear within the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the upcoming film “Captain America: Civil War”.

While Marvel has been quiet on additional castings, the studio did announce a firm release date for the project. “Black Panther” will hit theaters on February 16, 2018.

“We are fortunate to have such an esteemed filmmaker join the Marvel family,” said Feige in a statement released today. “The talents Ryan showcased in his first two films easily made him our top choice to direct ‘Black Panther.’ Many fans have waited a long time to see Black Panther in his own film, and with Ryan we know we’ve found the perfect director to bring T’Challa’s story to life.”