HelloFresh is making it a lot easier to cook like Jamie Oliver

Cooking can always be a hassle if you’re not well-prepared, even more so if you live in a major city. Even if you enjoy cooking there are the grocery lists, the long-lines at the store and of course, the cost. HelloFresh is one of the newer pre-portioned, grocery delivery services to hit the market, and today the company has announced a new partnership with Jamie Oliver that should have fans and foodies ready to hit the kitchen.

Starting this week, HelloFresh and Jamie Oliver are teaming up to create a new cooking experience to make living a healthy lifestyle easier than ever before. Each week, one of Jamie’s recipes will be included in HelloFresh boxes, giving Americans the best possible setup for easy and tasty home cooking.

Jamie talked about adding his personal choices to the HelloFresh service, which will make it easier to cook like the pro than ever before. “For me, HelloFresh makes cooking from scratch even easier. Their delivery of ingredients straight to people’s doors is a hugely convenient way for everyone to try my recipes,” says the chef.

HelloFresh is committed to time-saving, wholesome and delicious meals, which is why they have chosen these quick, healthy and fun to make recipes from Jamie. HelloFresh recipe cards have clear, easy-to-follow steps with no unnecessarily complicated techniques; it’s the perfect way for kitchen newbies to get started. For experienced cooks, HelloFresh is an ideal way to expand their recipe repertoire. Last but not least, HelloFresh prides themselves on giving customers new ingredients and flavors that they may never have tried otherwise. Now that they have Jamie Oliver’s recipes too, there will be even more to enjoy.

Jamie is excited about sharing his recipes with HelloFresh customers around the world. “I’ve been admiring what HelloFresh has been doing from afar for a while now and what they have achieved already is amazing. It has been a lot of fun working with HelloFresh to develop the recipes for this wonderful partnership. We have the same mission, and that’s to better connect people with food. HelloFresh’s recipes are healthy, and the recipes are broken down really simply, so even novice cooks will be able to follow them and get a great result. They’ve made cooking really good food from scratch, using top-quality ingredients, really accessible for busy people.”

HelloFresh is always looking to improve the home cooking experience for their customers, whether that’s through new recipes, ingredients and partnerships, or by offering cooking hints and tips in their magazine and blog. The aim is for couples, friends and families to cook and eat delightful dinners together. Their partnership with Jamie Oliver gives people even more opportunities to wow their loved ones by cooking up a storm.

“It’s such an exciting prospect for us to be able to offer Jamie’s recipes in our boxes,” said Seth Goldman, CEO of HelloFresh. “Our customers love the fact that we send them everything they need to be able to cook delicious meals at home. And now, they’ll be able to recreate top quality dishes tailored to their needs by the nation’s most loved celebrity chef!”

The company also confirmed that for every box sold, HelloFresh will donate to Jamie Oliver’s Food Foundation. HelloFresh customers will be able to help make a difference while eating well and reducing food waste.

“Everything I do is about better connecting people with food, helping them to understand where it comes from, how to cook it and what it does to our bodies,” the celebrity chef makes clear.

The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation was founded in 2002. The Food Foundation is made up of three food education groups; the Kitchen Garden Project (empowering primary school teachers to integrate growing food and cooking during the school day), the Ministry of Food (a practical and hands-on community-based cooking program that teaches people of all ages how to cook from scratch) and the Fifteen Apprentice Program (using the magic of food to give young people a chance at a better future).

Jamie Oliver’s recipes will be available in all HelloFresh boxes; Classic, Vegetarian and Family. His recipes are easy to cook, and can be completed in around 30 minutes.

The HelloFresh and Jamie Oliver Limited partnership extends across six countries in which HelloFresh is active – the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, USA and Austria.

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