AMC is back teasing the season 6, midseason premiere of “The Walking Dead” this week. The network’s popular zombie apocalypse drama is set to return on Valentine’s day next year, perfect for the stay-in couples.

This marks the first official teaser for the premiere, which is sure to drum-up a big response on social-media when it airs on February 14. The teaser has a few standout moments, including a shot of Rick (played by Andrew Lincoln) picking up exactly where we last say him when the show hit it’s winter break.

Rick and the gang will be headed to the Alexandria’s armory, of course they will have to get by the walkers through clever tactics and gross disguises. In the trailer you can hear Rick saying, “I thought, living behind these walls was possible,” adding, “I was wrong.”

Of course we can’t forget about Glenn (played by Steven Yeun) who will be coming back for more zombie action after a quick break from the show. Glenn is seen inside Alexandria, which is good for Glen since the last time the saw him he was with Enid (played by Katelyn Nacon) trying to get into the city.

All of this is just a bit of filler of course, the real meat of the upcoming story will be the addition of Negan to the story. The incoming baddie is played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan and is an essential character to the comics. You can watch the trailer below to get excited for the return of the sixth season, thanks to an early upload from AMC earlier today. Until then, you could catch up on the comics and end some of this teasing once and for all.

Don’t forget to set a reminder that the “The Walking Dead” season six returns to AMC on Feb. 14 at 9 p.m./8c.