Almost 52 years after they first came to America, The Beatles’ music will be made available online via a multitude of music-streaming services. It’s an interesting moment to release the music, with competition at an all-time high and just as artists like Taylor Swift and Adele have chosen to avoid releasing their latest albums on streaming sites. It’s also a little surprising that no single company acquired the streaming rights to the music, instead the albums will be released across every major outlet.

Earlier this week rumors started popping up online that the popular band would soon be releasing their catalogue to streaming sites, causing many sources to speculate that Apple, Spotify or Google would grab the exclusivity rights to stream the band’s many albums. It turns out that The Beatles’ music will be made available for everyone to enjoy, across a long-line of popular music-streaming services. Now you can ditch those album rips and stream one of the world’s most iconic bands without having to download a single beat.

Fans can even track The Beatles streaming launch around the world, from east to west, on the band’s official website. The Beatles’ music will be made available for streaming worldwide via nine different services. Those services include Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play, Microsoft Groove, Napster / Rhapsody, Amazon Prime Music, Slacker Radio, Spotify and Tidal.

To celebrate the launch of The Beatles’ music online, a short promotional video was made to highlight the occasion. You can checkout the official announcement trailer below, courtesy of YouTube.

For more information, or to watch as the music becomes available across the globe, you can visit the official Beatles website. It works pretty much the same way a Santa Tracker would, and considering that the music is being released on Christmas Day, it’s actually wildly appropriate. All in all it’s a pretty great Christmas moment for music fans and one that many fans have been waiting a long time to experience.