PAX Labs, makers of some of the most popular premium vaporizers on the market, announced that the company has succeed in acquiring a patent for the company’s E-Cigarette division. The company announced today it has received a U.S. patent for the nicotine salt e-liquid formulation found in its landmark e-cigarette, JUUL.

Unlike other products in the e-liquid space, JUUL uses nicotine salts found in leaf tobacco, rather than free-base nicotine, as its core ingredient. JUUL’s special chemical process and easy-to-use micro-tank vaporizer deliver the right nicotine strength and vapor quality to provide a “uniquely pleasing and consistent experience” for adult smokers according to the company. In the announcement the company also stated, “This patent exemplifies innovation that is occurring in independent vapor technology companies.”

“Adult smokers seek a satisfying nicotine vapor experience. We felt an imperative to provide them with an evolved product that could fulfill the promise and potential e-cigarettes have to replace combustible cigarettes,” said Adam Bowen, Chief Technology Officer at PAX Labs, Inc. “Rather than rush to market, we worked for several years to perfect our e-liquid platform and invent a new nicotine technology that surprises, delights and solves a critical unmet need. JUUL is a game-changer.”

To develop the nicotine salt e-liquid technology, the PAX Labs research team extensively explored the differences in chemical composition between cigarettes and e-cigarettes, demonstrating that the use of nicotine salts instead of free-base nicotine made an unequivocal difference in nicotine blood absorption profiles. Nicotine salts are the natural state of nicotine in the tobacco leaf.

The company went on the explain that Wells Fargo Tobacco Analyst Bonnie Herzog has indicated that e-cigarettes have the potential to represent 50% of all tobacco sales within a decade if consumer satisfaction is achieved.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Herzog noted, “current devices fail to deliver nicotine into the bloodstream as quickly as cigarettes and lack the same so-called ‘throat hit’ that cigarettes offer. Many e-cigarette users have found them so disappointing that they have returned to cigarettes.” And in a report earlier this year, Herzog shared, “We are encouraged by PAX’s e-cigarette lineup, which [is] a differentiated product and not just another ‘me-too’ product, as we believe innovation is crucial to drive momentum in the vapor category.”

PAX has quickly identified itself as the leading choice for the fashionable, the popular and the famous. One of the latest promotions the company ran was with the Weekend, shown above, for a new line of the PAX 2.

JUUL is available for purchase at select stores nationwide including