Fans can finally set a reminder for the premiere of “House of Cards” season 4, the popular series will return in early 2016, only on Netflix.

Not only did Netflix set a House of Cards season 4 premiere date, the video-streaming service also released a short teaser trailer for the new season. The trailer, shown below, aired during the CNN GOP debate late Tuesday night. Obviously Frank Underwood would be proud of the fanfare he was given during the debate, taking over social-media while the GOP debate today’s hot topics across the globe.

The video is a new campaign ad for Frank’s upcoming run stating, “America, I’m only getting started.”

Netflix had a bunch of teasers ready to post to social-media as it released the video, telling it’s followers, “It’s a new day in America#FU2016”. The FU2016, is a perfect underscore to the announcement, though it does bring to mind the FU “Felix Ungar” line from the Odd Couple.

Kevin Spacey tweeted from his personal account, “If you dont like how the table is set, turn it over. Welcome to my campaign. FU??”

If you want some extra fun, you can visit the link in the campaign add, which is an actual site to promote his campaign run. A perfect time-waster if you are a fan of the show. The series will return for a new season this March, it will only be available on Netflix.