Starting on Monday, December 14, Verizon will present the official livestream of the red carpet from the world premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Los Angeles.

The company will give its customers an exclusive opportunity to ask questions of film talent on the red carpet and will offer the service free of charge for fans. The livestream will be hosted on starting at 8:30 pm Eastern time.

Verizon customers can submit questions for the film talent of Star Wars: The Force Awakens by posting them to Twitter along with the hashtag #TheRedCarpetAwakens. Stars of the new film will answer select questions during the live broadcast, providing a moment of intergalactic fame (and holiday-season bragging rights) to lucky fans whose Twitter profile pictures will be displayed on-screen, along with their questions, when cast members answer them.

Verizon will also provide livestream viewers with something extra: the opportunity to switch between four unique video streams, giving fans the ability to watch all the excitement however they choose.

The four video streams include:

A “director’s cut” angle that will display the fully produced show, inclusive of angles from all cameras. There will be one camera at the entrance to the red carpet, showing talent as they arrive and greet fans. There will also be a fashion camera that will capture talent posing for photographer and a camera positioned on a tower, providing a high-angle view of the stars as they make their way down the red carpet.

Verizon is an official promotional partner of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.