Of all that political, economical and religious news that is shared on Twitter on a daily basis, it seems that nothing can compete with the British pop-band One Direction.

Twitter is full of useful analytical information but the company also loves to share its top-lists and popular Tweets. The company released the top-ten tweets of 2015 this week and it only proves that Twitter is filled One Directioners.

The popular band owns five of the top-ten Tweets on Twitter in 2015, even though many of them are just the band members speaking to one another through the social networking service.

Not all of the top Tweets were pop-music based, a few important instances managed to breakup the 1D domination this year. President Obama, Leonard Nimoy and Caitlyn Jenner all hold a spot on the charts.

Outside of individual Tweets and Sporting Events, ABC’s Pretty Little Liars have been the dominate force on Twitter. The network has been home to one of the most successful social-media campaigns for the past few years. As always, series finales and premieres usually take the top-spots in television but we should point out that not a single Kardashian made the top-ten this year, which was surprising.


The official top-ten list is as follows:

  1. Harry Styles expresses his admiration for his fans
  2. Zayn Malik compliments his former bandmates when they drop a new single.
  3. Liam Payne opens up about his band.
  4. POTUS remarks on the historic Supreme Court ruling.
  5. Louis Tomlinson thanks her fans.
  6. King Salman comments after his official crowning.
  7. Niall Horan sends a special birthday greeting.
  8. Kanye West just being Kanye West.
  9. Leonard Nimoy and his final Tweet.
  10. Caitlyn Jenner offers her first Tweet.