If you are a “Monica the Medium” fan and happen to be out and about in San Diego, you should keep an eye out for your favorite stars. ABC Family confirmed this week that production has begun on the second season of the popular series.

“Monica the Medium,” a one-hour unscripted series about Monica Ten-Kate, a college student who has the gift of speaking to the dead. The upcoming season finds Monica and her best friend Krista moving to San Diego. Produced by Dave Caplan’s Trooper Entertainment in association with Lionsgate TV, the second season will premiere in 2016. ABC Family is becoming Freeform in January 2016.

Fans were enthralled with season one as they followed college student Monica while she juggled her time with friends and family, looked for the perfect guy, struggled with her studies and tried to pay her bills – all while being a medium who can talk to loved ones who have crossed over.

Season two will focus on Monica and Krista’s decision to move to San Diego. After harsh winters in State College, PA, the girls have decided to move to California, where there are new opportunities and plenty of sunshine. They have to find a place to live, take on new roommates, sign up for classes at a different school, navigate their way around town and reestablish Monica’s medium business on a different coast. Monica will still be reaching out to people with messages from their loved ones, sharing her powerful gift with those who need to hear it most.

Dave Caplan will serve as executive producer alongside Malachi McGlone.