The upcoming adaptation of “The Disaster Artist” has added another big name to its cast. Joining Dave Franco and Josh Hutcherson in the film will be non-other than model turned actor, Kate Upton.

The film will come from New Line Comedy and it is being directed by James Franco. In the film Franco will also star as the infamous director Tommy Wiseau. The film is an adaptation of the book of the same name, which describes the making of Tommy Wiseau’s cult-classic “The Room.” Not to be confused with “Room,” an award-winning masterpiece that was released this year, “The Room” is considered to be one of the worst films in history. If you haven’t seen the film, I suggest watching it on Rifftrax, since by itself it’s a touch film to get through all the way. By the end though, you will be saying “Oh Hey Mark!” and “Your tearing me apart!” throughout the week.

The film is well known in the cinematic community, though non of it is flattering. It should be mentioned that this was Wiseau’s first attempt at filmmaking. Though the story is pretty difficult to sit through, or follow, the film is about a man whose fiance cheats on him. Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell wrote the 2013 nonfiction book together. The adaptation was written by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber.

Fans of Franco, The Room, Rogen and Hutcherson should be happy to see Upton take a leading role as the cheating fiance in the film. Made famous as a Sports Illustrated cover model, Upton has been co-starring along with some pretty big names in the comedy business over the past few years. Those names include Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann in the film “The Other Woman” and she also appeared in “The Three Stooges.”