Amazon today introduced the Fire HD 8 Reader’s Edition, which combines the all-new Fire HD 8, a year of Kindle Unlimited with access to over 1 million books, and a limited edition leather cover for only $249.99. Reader’s Edition also includes Blue Shade, an innovative new feature that adjusts and optimizes the display on your Fire HD 8 tablet to reduce blue light exposure before bedtime. Fire HD 8 Reader’s Edition is available for pre-order starting today at:

“Fire HD 8 Reader’s Edition simply delivers the best reading experience on any tablet,” said Charlie Tritschler, Vice President, Amazon Devices. “With an incredibly thin and light design and 8” HD color display, this is the perfect tablet for reading—a year of Kindle Unlimited with access to over a million books, plus innovative new features like Blue Shade—now even more readers can curl up in bed with their favorite stories.”

Customer that pick up the new device will enjoy unlimited reading of over 1 million books and unlimited listening to thousands of audiobooks with Kindle Unlimited. Read freely from top books, including The Man in the High Castle, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, the Wayward Pines trilogy, the entire Harry Potter series, and many more. The service regularly costs $9.99 per month but is included for one year with Reader’s Edition (a $120 value).

Blue Shade is an exclusive new Amazon feature that works behind the scenes to adjust and optimize the display on the Fire HD 8 for a more comfortable nighttime reading experience on a tablet, it can be turned on and off whenever you like. Studies have shown that evening exposure to blue light from tablets may suppress our bodies’ production of melatonin, which can prolong the time it takes to fall asleep, delay REM sleep, and reduce the level of alertness the next morning. Blue Shade uses specialized filters to limit exposure to blue light.

It also offers warm color filters and the ability to lower the display brightness to an ultra-low level for comfortable nighttime reading—even in a dark room. The feature can be easily turned on or off with a single tap on the Blue Shade quick setting. Customers can also fine-tune the color settings to their personal preference, with the device intelligently adjusting the color filtering so that at any color or brightness, the blue wavelength light is always sufficiently suppressed.

Fire HD 8 Reader’s Edition includes the features readers expect from Amazon, all designed to help readers enjoy their books even more, and get more out of their reading. This includes the Bookerly Font, which is an exclusive font designed from the ground up for reading on digital screens. Warm and contemporary, Bookerly is inspired by the artistry of the best fonts in modern print books, but is hand-crafted for great readability at any size. It introduces a lighter, more graceful look and outperforms other digital reading fonts to help customers read faster with less

In fact, all of the fonts are adjustable, you can choose from eight text sizes to find the one that fits your level of comfort. The device also supports multi-colored highlights just by tapping a word and choose from pink, blue, orange and yellow to categorize your highlighted words and passages, which can also be shared across devices.

One of Amazon’s thinnest tablets ever (7.7mm), Fire HD features an 8” screen and is comparable in size to a book, making it easy to hold in one hand while reading. Featuring a widescreen 1280 x 800 HD display with over 1 million pixels—Fire HD is perfect for viewing vibrant magazines, flipping through colorful comic book pages, or perusing beautiful picture books.

The Reader’s Edition includes all of the great features and entertainment benefits you can expect with Fire HD, including a powerful quad-core processor, a 720p front-facing camera and a 5MP rear-facing camera with 1080p HD video, up to 128GB of expandable storage via microSD, and all-day battery life, so when not reading, you can still enjoy all the videos, music, games and photos you want on your tablet. Fire HD also offers deep integration of Amazon-exclusive services, access to over 38 million movies, TV shows, songs, books, magazines, apps and games, and much more—plus free, unlimited cloud storage for all Amazon content.

The Reader’s Edition also comes with a limited edition, rustic brown leather case that gives the look and feel of a real book cover and protects the tablet from accidental scratches. The protective case opens like a book and folds flat for comfortable one-handed reading or can stand Fire HD in landscape or portrait orientation so that you can enjoy your content hands-free.

Fire HD 8 Reader’s Edition is available for pre-order for $249.99 starting today at; it ships on December 9.