While Amazon does an amazing job marketing their Prime, Video and App Store sales, the company is usually pretty quiet when discussing their Amazon Outlet and Amazon Warehouse deals. In the past I’ve had better luck finding great deals under the Amazon Warehouse section over the Amazon Outlet section, but it’s smart to shop both.

Like most shoppers I check the Daily Deals, the Gold Box and the Suggested Recommendations every time I visit Amazon.com but if you haven’t checked the company’s Outlet and Warehouse deals, you’re missing out on a lot of savings. Every year around the holidays I remind readers and friends to double check the special outlet section of Amazon and every year it seems people forget about the service.

The two storefronts have thousands of items on sale and they usually offer the same great return policy and free shipping that comes with shopping on Amazon, just a fraction of the price. Inside the outlet and warehouse deals are marked down items that have been returned, warehouse-damaged, used, or refurbished. Even though they are opened or return, Amazon checks the products through an internal QA test before they are sold online. You get an incredible deal because these items are no longer “new” and they are sold out of the warehouse deals to savvy shoppers.

The warehouse and outlet sections are built just like the rest of Amazon, filtered through broad categories like TVs, laptops, tablets, home audio, kitchen & dining, home goods, outdoors, and other frequently shopped search-terms.

So now for the great part, besides the savings. Amazon Outlet and Warehouse are part of Amazon.com so all eligible items sold by Amazon Warehouse Deals qualify for Prime or FREE Shipping. The items sold in these sections are also covered by the same Amazon return policy that you get with regular shopping. You can enjoy worry-free 30-day returns on everything sold through the site, so it’s just like shopping the rest of Amazon and just as convenient. You won’t find too many warranties on the clearance section, but you do get the return policy.

During the holidays the Warehouse can be the absolute best place to shop for stocking stuffers, hard to find electronics and children’s gifts to stuff under the tree. Everyday items like kitchenware, rice-cookers, baking needs and clothes can also be found on the site under the warehouse and outlet sections. In fact, many of the exact same items that you will find on the regular Amazon site can be found when searching under the Outlet and Warehouse deals, just at a fraction of the price.

The inventory usually sells out pretty fast but more is added each and every day. Since it sells out so quickly, I won’t list of any the particular sales that are going on right now but you should certainly check out the stock if you’re still shopping around for the holidays.

more info: amazon.com/warehouse, amazon.com/outlet