HBO is obviously trying to give us all anxiety. The network first teased an image of Jon Snow in November and now the company has released a new teaser trailer with even more secretive clues into the fates of the beloved Starks.

The new teaser-trailer won’t really confirm or deny any of the theories that still exist over Jon Snow’s fate, but does stand to cause a lot of fans to wish that the season 6 premiere was happening sooner rather than later. The trailer takes place with a series of quick cuts, a voiceover and a lot of Bran Stark.

The young Stark boy is expected to be a major storyline this time around, after sitting out for most of season five. A voice in the trailer states “they have no idea what’s going to happen,” and we feel that is the perfect line to tease “Game of Thrones” fans with, since at this point the entire series is riddled with mysteries and confusion.

Fans still have a long wait before the season premiere however, so expect a few more teasers and an official season six full-length trailer to be released before the big premiere. If you need to set a reminder, Game of Thrones returns to HBO in April.