The most wished-for items for kids this year aren’t tablets or video games, they are hoverboards. The fad is everywhere, despite states like New York and Washington DC banning them as public transports. Now parents are seeking out the best hoverboards for their dollar, with stores running out of stock and eagerly trying to match demand for this year’s go-to toy.

Now hoverboards don’t actually hover, they are motorized scooters with a gyroscope that helps them stay balanced, like a Segway without the handle. Much like skateboards in 1980s and Razor Scooters in the 2000s, there are growing safety concerns over the hot holiday vehicle.

From minor crashes and scrapes to more serious breaks and bruises, it’s important to remember that your child or children will be zipping around on a motorized vehicle that does pick-up some steam when it gets going. So, this is where we say the first thing you should buy along with a new hoverboard is a helmet, wrist guards and kneepads if you want to cut injuries to a minimum.

With that out of the way there are two boards that have had some serious issues being reported. Two lithium-ion battery powered boards are causing a buzz with social-media because some people say they have erupted into flames from either faulty equipment, or overheating.

Those are the HoverBoost HoverBoard and Fit Turbo models. Right now there is no clear indication if the fire was from improper use of the chargers, misuse by the consumer or a faulty battery. PLEASE read the directions and follow the charging instructions to the letter and shop from a place that you trust.

You can find the best deals on Amazon and some more at eBay. Your best bet if you want to shop in-person is to hit up stores like Wal-Mart, Target or Best Buy, some place with a good background and a return policy.

You can find dozens upon dozens of different models on sites like, which offers a great return policy as well. The average hoverboard can travel a little over 10 miles before running out of power and needing a recharge and they can get up to almost 11MPH. The cheaper versions sell for about $200 while the more popular options are going for almost $1,900, sometimes more.

Some of the most popular Hoverboards on the market come from GalaxyBoard, Generic and Powerboard. They have pretty terrific ratings of most sites, be sure to check the reviews for the best options and make sure you shop around the different models.

There really isn’t too much of a difference with the designs, almost all of them look the same if you aren’t a hoverboard enthusiast and the tech inside doesn’t change much from company to company. What will change is the duration of the charge, how long it takes to charge up and how fast they go.

With the tech staying just about the same from model to model, the trick to finding the best Hoverboards is the reviews. That’s why shopping online may be the way to go this year, in-store you are going to see a box. With so many models to choose from, you don’t really have to go with the most expensive, since almost all models run on basically the same design. Until the facts come out, we would say stay clear of the HoverBoost HoverBoard and Fit Turbo models for right now, just to be super-safe and go with the more popular options that haven’t caused any trouble. Again, no one is really racing these things, so ease of transaction, free shipping and a good return policy should be paramount after the initial safety concerns.

More info on hoverboards and current promotions that are running on Amazon can be found here, or you can use the link below.

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