Fans of the Minecraft series can now get ahead of the launch of Reality Respawns: Worlds Collide, the first book in an unendorsed series of Minecraft adventures. To celebrate the book launch, YouTube sensation Mitchell Hughes aka BajanCanadian, co-author of the first book in the series, will host a book signing fan event at YouTube Space NY. The invitation-only affair will take place Saturday, Dec. 5, at YouTube’s video production facilities in Chelsea Market, Manhattan.

“blackshore is pleased to launch this new Minecraft book series,” states Darrel Anderson, a blackshore founder. “We are thrilled to feature Mitchell Hughes and Ken Taverner as co-authors of this first book,” adds Anderson.

Mitchell Hughes, known to millions of fans around the world as the BajanCanadian, is one of YouTube’s most watched personalities, with more than 1.4 billion views and 5.2 million subscribers. He is a rising star on other social channels and media formats as well. Not content to be just another YouTube gamer, Hughes produces, performs in, and creates content and music that he shares with his fans. Hughes owns several successful online businesses, plus now adds book writing to his repertoire.

“The book series will offer superb entertainment for Minecraft fans. Our goal is to provide interesting reads for unplugged Minecraft fans,” says co-author Mitchell Hughes. “Partnering with Ken Taverner for the first book was awesome! And I am super exited to be at YouTube Space NY for the upcoming signing event,” adds Hughes.

“Mitchell is great to work with,” says co-author Ken Taverner. “Despite his hectic schedule, he manages to get it all done. It never ceases to amaze me how he keeps producing videos, engaging fans and starting new ventures all at the same time,” adds Taverner. “I hope Minecraft fans like this book and look forward to the next one in the series.”

The Reality Respawns: Worlds Collide adventure begins when the world of online gaming begins to merge with reality. Four good friends, Katie, Mike, Jenn and Myles, are determined to seek help from Benja, an expert in the online world, to restore their gaming worlds to normalcy. In their quest to find Benja, the group encounters the Adjunct Professor who promises to help without disclosing his ulterior motive — using their skills to power his strange machine invention. The foursome slays monsters and overcome numerous harrowing perils before completing their mission. Only Benja can help when the tasks get too hard, but will his help require the ultimate sacrifice…?

Reality Respawns: Worlds Collide will be available for purchase at