It doesn’t take much for Kendall Jenner’s social-media pics to dominate Instagram but adding the word “Nude” certainly doesn’t help. The popular reality star turned model is showcasing her stunning physique with a black and white picture on Instagram while she lays atop a horse naked.

The pictured garnered over a million likes on Instagram in a single day, proving once again that the Jenners/Kardashian are still the reigning queens of bizarre social-media. There’s no indication if this was part of a large shoot that will premiere later this year, or if this was a “spur” of the moment instance that Jenner had with her new equestrian friend.

The only problem with the photo, is that it doesn’t seem to be Kendall Jenner. Kendall uploaded the picture to her account, but it was model Elisa Meliani that took credit through her own account on the site. Meliani wrote, “”Waouuu,” adding “Me and my horse on Kendall IG.” Either way, if it is Jenner or Meliani, that’s a beautiful woman on what we are assuming is very nice looking horse.

Jenner has been taking a quiet break not that most of the world’s dominate fashion shows are on hiatus, Jenner’s Christmas ads for various sponsors will be airing throughout the holiday season as well. You can expect to start seeing those ads pop up across the internet, billboards and social-media over the next few weeks.

Lately its been Kendall’s younger sister Kylie that has been taking over the pop-culture headlines, as the younger sibling continues her on again, off again status with former boyfriend Tyga. There still hasn’t been an official ruling if the two broke-up over Tyga’s latest birthday bash, the duo were seen together since the rumored breakup.

The two sisters still maintain a wealthy working relationship, appearing on their sisters reality show from time to time on E! and have both opened their own online store. The sisters also started their own Apps, where you can follow your favorite Kardashian or Jenner child and read their daily updates, see their latest pictures or catch-up on the more “personal” side of each pop-culture star.

Kendal Jenner Nude Horse

Though this naked picture of Kendall did appear on Instagram, so we aren’t sure how much more personal her app can be at this point. Either way fans will have this black and white keepsake to drool over for the next few weeks, until Jenner releases another steamy picture to excite her fans.