As one of the official selection from the Cannes Film Festival this year, “The Little Prince” will hit the box-office with a lot of media behind it. The film is based on the story of “The Little Prince” written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and was directed by Mark Osborne, the director of Kung Fu Panda.

In the story a little girl lives in a very grown-up world with her mother, who tries to make sure she is prepared for it. Her neighbor The Aviator, introduces the girl to an extraordinary world where anything is possible, the world of The Little Prince.

Irena Brignull and Bob Persichetti wrote the screenplay for the adaptation, which also supports a fantastic cast of voice-actors. Lending their talents to the screen are Rachel McAdams, Paul Rudd, James Franco, Marion Cotillard, Paul Giamatti, Benicio Del Toro, Jeff Bridges, Ricky Gervais and Albert Brooks. Just to name a few, it’s really an impressive lineup of talent.

While the film still has a few more months before it premieres in theaters, you can watch one of the first full-length trailers for the film, thanks to an upload from Paramount Pictures.

“The Little Prince” won’t hit theaters until March 18, 2016 but the film did amazingly well on the film festival circuit, winning over critics and audiences alike for the past few months. If you or your children haven’t read the original story written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, then you have plenty of time to catch up before the big premiere.

The award-winning children’s book is available pretty much everywhere children’s books are sold and can be found here on for under $7. It’s a fantastic short-story and the film did a wonderful job bringing the large cast of characters to life. Look for a few more trailers and clips to be released from Paramount Pictures leading up to the release in theaters.