If you are planning on traveling over the holiday weekend, you might want to visit Amazon today to stock-up on a few traveling essentials other than mini-shampoo and Dramamine. Verizon and Amazon have partnered up to offer a wide-array of free tv shows, music albums and games for Thanksgiving travelers to enjoy this weekend.

Considering they are all free, we won’t complain at all but there are a few gems worth pointing out that could make your traveling just a little bit easier. Many of the free deals expire tonight at midnight, so make sure you grab them before they are gone.

In the books department you can grab Deep Summer, The Best American Series or the The 7th Victim all for FREE thanks to new promotion. Your music choices include selections from Fifth Harmony, Elvis, Meghan Trainor and more. You can even pick-up free episodes of shows that you can download and view offline thanks to Amazon Video. Customers can grab episodes of Justified, relive the magic of Party of Five, or watch Divergent, Astro Boy or the Big C.

In the apps category you should have more than enough content to get you through a plane-trip or a long drive (assuming you’re not driving that is). There are a few kid-friendly choices as well, in case the movie doesn’t get you all the way to your destination. Customers can grab Scribblenauts Remix, the Hidden Expedition: The Crown of Solomon, Kung Fury: Street Rage, Buddy & Me and more.

As we mentioned earlier these are all free, so you might as well enjoy them. The promotion only last for the rest of the day so checkout the list of apps available and download as many as you like. You can checkout the entire list of options in Books, Videos, Apps and Music on the official Verizon promotional page on Amazon’s website. You can also simply click the link below as well, happy travels!

more info: amazon.com