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T-Mobile allows customers to watch video without using their data

Sling TV has entered into a new agreement with T-Mobile that allows Sling TV subscribers to watch live sports, movies and other popular shows on their T-Mobile smartphones and tablets without eating into their LTE data. In addition, customers on a qualifying T-Mobile Simple Choice plan who sign up for Sling TV can receive 30 percent off the “Best of Live TV” package for 12 months as part of the exclusive Binge On offer from T-Mobile.*

“T-Mobile’s attack on video streaming data caps, combined with Sling TV’s delivery of live TV, including sports, will change the way Americans embrace television,” said Roger Lynch, CEO of Sling TV. “This agreement liberates live television: it’s no longer about the living room — it’s now about where we are. To us, this shift is no less transformative than when music became mobile.”

An hour of high-definition video uses up to 3GB of data, and an hour of standard-definition video uses roughly 1GB. On other wireless networks, that could push customers into overages or more expensive plans. With Binge On, Sling TV subscribers can watch all the video they want without worrying about using up their wireless data on qualified T-Mobile plans.*

Today, Americans want to watch when they want, how they want and on any device they choose. More and more Americans are using their mobile devices to watch video on the go. In fact, the majority of millennials – 57 percent − now watch more TV shows on their mobile devices than they do on TVs.

“Today, T-Mobile and Sling TV are unleashing live TV for a new generation of mobile viewers,” John Legere, President and CEO of T-Mobile. “With Binge On, Sling TV subscribers are now free to watch all the live sports and hit shows they want without ever burning up their 4G LTE data. Today, we’re fast-forwarding into a future of sports and entertainment where you can watch when you want, anywhere you want, as long as you want. This is what’s next.”

Starting Sunday, November 15, Binge On will be available to all Sling TV subscribers who are also Simple Choice postpaid customers. For more information, see