If you’ve read “The Walking Dead” comics, then you know that Negan is kind of a big deal. The popular series is almost halfway though the six-season and castings for the upcoming episodes has already begun. Whatever you think of Glenn’s future in the series, the show will be going into a whole new direction when the villainous Negan shows up and now we know who will be playing the character.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Joins (“The Good Wife”) has been cast as the role Negan, known for his temper, his attitude and a baseball-bat. THR is reporting that Negan will first appear as a guest character but stopped short of naming the episode. In any case, Negan will be one of the most important storylines to watch for when he becomes a regular on season seven next year.

If you haven’t read the comics then beware of a few spoilers about Glen here. In the comics, which is what the show is based on but does not follow exactly, Negan is the leader of a group called “The Saviors”. In “The Walking Dead” comics Negan killed Glenn, which is one of the reasons that fans were so upset to see Glen disappear before the epic-finale of his character. If you are a fan of Glen and want to see him return to the screen, the chances of him living through this plot-point is slim. We think if Glen does return, it won’t be for long.