You know you’re onto something special when you receive a product from the UPS guy, and the first thought out of your head is “Man, this is best packaging I have ever seen!” Seriously though, seeing something packaged so safely with high end material shows me one important thing before I even slice the box open: Big Worm Graphix CARES about their products. They don’t just care about how the vinyl stripes last after a few years; they care about getting those stripes to their customers as unblemished as possible. Not a bad start at all, Big Worm…and I haven’t even opened the box yet.

This is not my first time installing stripes on a car, and Big Worm Graphix makes this the easiest install I have ever done. Every single piece is pre-cut and measured, with a helpful label telling you where it goes. In fact, even the backing paper is cut in such a way that it specifies the spot where you should apply masking tape to mount to your car. To be as blunt as possible; if you can read, then you shouldn’t have any issues with the installation of the stripes. There are four pages of instructions included with the kit. No stone is left unturned. Read the directions twice before ever pulling the pieces out of the box. Lay the pieces out and make sure you can see all the labels.Tape each piece to it’s proper spot, making sure to measure, measure, measure. Get a feel for where each piece will go once you have all the pieces laid out and taped down. Then when you’re all ready to go, grab your spray bottle of water, your included squeegee, and get started.

This review is not going to be a tutorial on how to install vinyl stripes. For starters, you’ll find dozens of different methods online ranging from wet installs, dry installs, or people telling you not to bother and take it into a body shop instead. Instead, I’ll briefly mention that the technique I used was everything I mentioned in the above paragraph, a wet install by spraying down the surface of the car and the sticky side of the vinyl, squeegee all the water out once each piece is positioned correctly, and wiping constantly with a clean microfiber cloth as you work from piece to piece. It’s time consuming and tedious work, but it’s very straightforward, especially with Big Worm’s explicit instructions. By using a wet install, you have a little bit of room for error and you can slide each piece around until you get the correct position, then lock it into place by squeegee-ing the water out.

Instead of going through a lengthy install process, I want to talk about Big Worm Graphix itself and why I chose to go with their stripes as opposed to any other. My car used to have a set of white stripes that I purchased from a major online parts store. Vinyl graphics are easy to find; you can get them off of anywhere from specialty shops to Prices ranges from the thousands of dollars (specialty shop paint on designs) to something for $30 that goes on like a big sticker. Basically, like with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Buy the $30 stripes, expect $30 stripe quality…it’s that simple. My first set was the $30 stripes and while they looked fine, the ends start lifting and peeling after less than three months. Nothing against the stripes themselves; I knew what I was getting and I was aware of the poor quality when I bought it. At the time, the low $30 price point was more important to me than quality, and it showed.

Big Worm Graphix does not skimp on quality, which is why you should not expect to pay any less than $190 for the cheapest set. Each set is made with Hexis HX20000/HX30000 cast vinyl (3M 1080 for certain colors) which adds to the durability, allowing owners to use a quick detailer and even some spray waxes on the stripes. Each of the stripe sets is designed and cut in house, meaning you get the absolute best fit for your specific vehicle. Other vendors that I have purchased stripes through act simply as a third party dealer selling a bulk stripes. That’s fine and dandy, but I like knowing that my stripes were designed, measured, and cut individually for my car. The company was started in 2001 and has now grown to specialize in custom vinyl graphics for Mustangs, Camaros, and Challengers. Based out of the Fort Worth, TX area, Big Worm Graphix also sells smoked light covers, strobes, and LED lighting kits.

The quality of the vinyl is apparent immediately when you pull the sections out of the packaging material. They are considerably thicker and tougher than the stripes that I used in the past. In fact, they seemed so thick that I bet I could abuse them quite a bit and would be fine (not that I tested this theory out). This came in handy when I was pressing all the water out with the squeegee. With previous stripes, it felt like I was going to tear them if I pressed too hard. With Big Worm’s vinyl, I never felt like I had an issue, and was confident when applying a lot of pressure on the stripe itself.

Stripe Review

Depending on what kind of car you have, Big Worm Graphix offers a variety of different designs to suit your needs. In the case of my car (2015 Mustang), you have a nice selection including narrow/wide dual stripes (with or without pinstripes), narrow/wide center stripe (with or without pinstripes), Super Snake stripes, and offset stripes. If you’re looking for something a bit less “traditional” than full length racing stripes, you will also find hood spears, side stripes, javelin side stripes, hash mark stripes, fender accents, mohawk stripes, cowl hood stripes…pretty much any combination you can think of. That’s not including the other products that Big Worm sells like light tints and emblems.

Of course, none of this means a thing unless you can see what these kits look like on an actual car. For that, I suggest you visit Big Worm’s website (, but for the sake of this review, I’ll include some picture of my own car. Keep in mind, I am NOT in any way a professional installer. These stripes were installed by myself over the course of a few hours one afternoon. It CAN be done with one person with little to no previous experience. Like I mentioned before; it’s not hard to do. It’s simply time consuming.

Unless you’re someone who prefers to buy cheaper quality materials at a lower price simply because lower upfront costs are more appealing, I can’t see why anyone would choose to go with stripes by anyone other than Big Worm Graphix (unless you opt for painted stripes, of course). The price is higher, yes, but I have a sound piece of mind knowing that these stripes aren’t going anywhere, and they’ll last through thick and thin. And honestly…they just look good, don’t they?