Mass Effect Andromeda trailer offers a tease for N7 Day

EA and Bioware have released a teaser-trailer for “Mass Effect: Andromeda” the next installment in the popular Mass Effect franchise. The short trailer was released as part of the “N7 Day” celebrations, a social-event celebrating the franchise.

Fans of the franchise won’t find much of gameplay in the teaser and don’t expect any terrific hints on the plot of the new story but it’s still a welcomed surprise for a game that has been fairly quiet during its development. The community manager of Bioware, David Hulegaard, posted the video on the Playstation Blog earlier today stating, “that’s why N7 Day was created: a day each year for us to come together and share the stories, fan art, cosplay, and moments that touched our hearts.” Hulegaard continued, “This N7 Day, we invite you to be a part of the celebration by using the hash tag #N7Day.”

You can share your own fond memories of playing Mass Effect using the same hashtag to join-in on the celebration, or you can just watch the trailer. We won’t judge. The trailer above was also uploaded to the official Bioware YouTube page, which will probably host the first gameplay footage of the highly anticipated title when E3 2016 rolls back around in the summer.

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