As a child I loved the ‘Calvin & Hobbes’ collections, every chapter of ‘Spaceman Spiff,’ every adventure with the cardboard time-machine, every encounter with Susie the girl next-door. They remain a childhood obsession that I still often look back-on and love to share with nieces and nephews. The two friends have come a very long way and the BFFs are having a very big anniversary that you can take part in.

Andrews McMeel Universal (AMU) is celebrating thirty years of Calvin and Hobbes by encouraging fans to post pictures of themselves, family, and friends reading the beloved comic strip and share on social media using the hashtag #ReadCalvinAndHobbes.

From Nov. 2 to Nov. 17, 2015, fans posting photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using #ReadCalvinAndHobbes will be entered to win a Calvin and Hobbes prize pack, which includes archival-quality prints of the first and last Calvin and Hobbes strips, Exploring Calvin and Hobbes, and more. Learn more about the rules and contest prize package here.

Called “America’s Most Profound Comic Strip,” (The Wall Street Journal) and unquestionably one of the most popular and influential comic strips of all time, Calvin and Hobbes debuted in newspapers Nov. 18, 1985, when Calvin lured Hobbes into his tiger trap with a tuna fish sandwich. Calvin and Hobbes quickly captured the world’s collective imagination, and for three decades, the timeless classic comic has been enjoyed by generations of fans as the transcendent humor and charm of Calvin and Hobbes endures.

Often referred to as a “comic genius,” Bill Watterson retired Calvin and Hobbes on Dec. 31, 1995. The comic strip can be read online on and in book collections, including The Complete Calvin and Hobbes and Exploring Calvin and Hobbes, which features an in-depth, exclusive interview with Watterson. To learn more, please visit and share your moments with the world.