Disney teases Alice Through the Looking Glass sequel with a clip

You have to hand it to the Disney’s social-media team for thinking of tying the upcoming live-action film “Alice Through the Looking Glass” with the end of Daylight Savings time. The studio released a rare teaser for the highly-anticipated sequel earlier today via Twitter, which you can watch below. The short clip offers one of the very first looks at the live-action sequel to “Alice in Wonderland” with only a pair of posters having been revealed up to this point.

The teaser is short but it should be enough to remind fans that a sequel is in-fact on the way from Walt Disney Studios. Viewers will find Mia Wasikowska, falling once again into Wonderland, as she returns as the titular character.

“It’s time to go back,” teases Disney in the clip released today. Tim Burton directed the first installment to the popular franchise, that original was released back in 2010 and earned over $1 billion for Disney globally. Burton will not be directing the sequel however, instead, James Robin is directing while working from script by Linda Woolverton.

Joe Roth, Jennifer Todd and Suzanne Todd are producing the film. Along with Wasikowska, Johnny Depp will also return as the Mad Hatter for the project. Fans can also expect Anne Hathaway to return as the White Queen and Helena Bonham Carter will reprise her role as the Red Queen.

This time around Sacha Baron Cohen and Rhys Ifans will be joining thee cast, the two actors will play Time and the Mad Hatter’s father, respectively.

Fans still have a while to wait for “Alice Through the Looking Glass.” Disney scheduled the film to release on May 27, 2016.