Natalie Dormer to stare in thriller “In Darkness”

Natalie Dormer will be expanding her film-credits into 2016 with a new thriller called “In Darkness.” The popular “Game of Thrones” star is set to lead in the new thriller, which is set to start production in early 2016. A release window for the new film has not been confirmed at this time.

The film was picked up by XYZ Films, which has seen several hits takeover the box-office these past few years including, “Yoga Hosers,” “Life After Beth” and “The Raid” franchise. The upcoming thriller will be directed by Anthony Byrne, the film will look for international sales during the American Film Market.

Not just a star, Natalie Dormer also co-wrote the film with Byrne. Ed Skrein and Stacy Martin also co-wrote the script. Producing the film are Ben Pugh and Josh Varney, as well as Byrne. Rory Aitken and Josh Horsfield are executive producing the project.

In the film Dormer will play a blind musician, one that hears a terrible murder committed in the apartment above her own. Surviving on her own as she lives within London’s poorest degenerates. First escaping those that pursue her, Dormer’s character starts to plot her own revenge. Not only will Natalie Dormer be starring in the next season of “Game of Thrones,” fans will be able to catch the popular star in the findl installment to the Hunger Games film called “Mockingjay, Part 2.”

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