To call the new Samsung Galaxy View a tablet would be an understatement, calling it a portable display wouldn’t highlight the internal components and software correctly. The Samsung Galaxy View overlaps a few categories to put it mildly and it’s releasing in November no matter what you call it.

This week Samsung introduces the new Samsung Galaxy View as a “movable entertainment experience,” one that immerses viewers in streaming video, live TV and their favorite touchscreen apps. The new device will be available at Best Buy and other major retailers in the U.S. starting on November 6, with an MSRP of $599.99.

The Samsung Galaxy View offers a very impressive 18.4-inch display and a user interface optimized for video and long-lasting battery life, The Galaxy View lets viewers watch whatever they like, wherever and whenever they want.

“At Samsung, we are committed to creating new possibilities and bringing our consumers the best mobile experience,” said JK Shin, CEO and Head of Samsung’s IT & Mobile Business. “We are very excited to introduce the new Galaxy View, providing an entirely new way of consuming mobile video and entertainment.”

The Galaxy View will launch with partnerships from leading cable and streaming content providers, including Netflix, ESPN, SHOWTIME and more – allowing consumers to watch the entertainment they love, wherever and whenever they want.

“With the Samsung Galaxy View, Netflix members can easily watch their favorite TV shows and movies anywhere around the house or beyond” said Scott Mirer, vice president of device partner ecosystem at Netflix. “From the couch to the kitchen, the Galaxy View provides a unique way to enjoy entertainment.”

The 18.4-inch offers 1080p Full HD display, powerful stereo speakers, and a video-centric interface, consumers can toggle between all the TV and video content they love with the swipe of a finger. And with WiFi, and optional LTE, connectivity the Galaxy View makes it incredibly easy and convenient to enjoy the latest entertainment from anywhere with no cords, extra equipment or cable connections.

The device itself was built with a grab-and-go handle and versatile two-way stand, consumers can easily take the Galaxy View from room to room or on the road. The long-lasting battery enables up to 8 hours of continuous standard video viewing.

The Samsung Galaxy View also offers a touch Android interface, consumers can control their favorite shows, games and apps with just a swipe and a tap. The large display lets users easily share their favorite app and content experiences with friends and family. The Galaxy View also features a 2.1 megapixel camera for large-as-life video chat, as well as a 1.6 GHz Octa-core processor with 2GB DRAM and 32GB memory, and a microSD expandable memory up to 128GB, to quickly access and store a library of digital content.