SONOS Play:5 available for pre-order, starting at $499

SONOS has announced that pre-orders for the new flagship SONOS PLAY:5 start today on the company’s official website. The speaker goes on sale on November 20th in all of its U.S. retail partner and dealer locations. All other global retail locations begin selling the PLAY:5 on November 25th. The new SONOS PLAY:5, smart speaker is designed from the inside out and delivers the” purest, deepest, most vibrant sound yet,” according to the company’s announcement earlier today.

The new SONOS PLAY:5 was built with six synchronized, custom-designed drivers. For the first time, SONOS PLAY:5 has three orientations. This flexibility, combined with Trueplay tuning, enables, “best-in-class sound for any placement, in any room,” the company states. In addition to horizontal orientation as a standalone speaker, two SONOS PLAY:5s paired together vertically deliver top-of-the-line stereo sound with a focused and intense sweet spot. Paired horizontally, they create a larger stereo image for an immersive, room-filling listening experience.

The new SONOS PLAY:5 incorporates an innovative design that allows for the most effective wireless performance, without compromises, to ensure the music remains in perfect sync without dropouts.

Designed to fit the home now and for years to come, the aesthetic of the new SONOS PLAY:5 carves away complexity to focus on the simple essence of a speaker. Functionally, every detail matters, down to the placement of the nearly 60,000 individually drilled holes in the grille and the carefully selected material for each and every part. The new touch controls offer an intuitive, easy way to play, pause, adjust volume and change the track. Smart sensors make these touch controls responsive to all orientations, so the volume-up is always facing up.

Just like its predecessor, the new SONOS PLAY:5 works seamlessly with all Sonos smart speakers and adds even greater modularity with the ability to act as rear speakers in home theater setups with SONOS PLAYBAR and SONOS SUBtm. Control every room in your home with one easy-to-use app that brings together your favorite music services such as Pandora, Spotify, TIDAL, Google Play Music, and SoundCloud.

Available in a custom matte black and matte white finish, the all-new SONOS PLAY:5 will retail for $499 USD.