7 Little Johnstons season premiere set for early November

One of TV’s most popular families is coming back to TLC for an all-new season and now fans of the show have a date to set a reminder. TLC’s “7 Little Johnstons” will be premiering Tuesday, November 10th at 10/9c.

This season, after a major home renovation Amber, Trent, and their five children – Jonah, Anna, Elizabeth, Alex and Emma – take time to enjoy the summer, but things take a turn when their youngest son may have to undergo a risky surgery. But despite life’s obstacles, the Johnstons prove that size doesn’t matter when it comes to being happy and being a part of a loving family.

In the upcoming season of 7 LITTLE JOHNSTONS viewers will get an inside look at the Johnston family as they deal with everything from swimming lessons and cheerleading camp to braces, family vacations, and first-time driving lessons. The family also enjoys quality time at the beach, but when Amber’s trip to visit her biological father is canceled, she realizes how hurt she is by his actions, and calls him to see if he is interested in continuing a relationship.

In the premiere episode, the family wraps up their home renovations just in time for summer, and Amber feels it’s time to renovate herself! She enlists Trent to help highlight her hair, but once she sees the finished product she realizes it’s time to see a professional. Meanwhile, their youngest son, Alex, begins to have back problems, and Amber notices that he hasn’t been able to walk correctly for some time.

Trent and Amber make an appointment to have him checked out by a doctor, but are concerned that if he needs surgery at such a young age, he will face a lifetime of pain. Amber, Trent, and their five children show viewers that it’s all about having a positive attitude and outlook on life in the all-new season of 7 LITTLE JOHNSTONS.