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YouTube Red launches for $9.99, includes Google Music and a lot more

YouTube RedYouTube Red

After a few months of teasers and industry speculation, Google has officially launched YouTube Red. The new service will be an ad-free video subscription service, YouTube Red was detailed this morning at a special event hosted in Los Angeles.

The premium service will cost $9.99 a month, putting it in the same pricing structure as Netflix and Hulu. YouTube Red will allow users to watch all of YouTube’s video content without ads but will also allow users to watch premium content as well.

Not only will you be enjoying ad-free playback videos, you can save the content offline for later viewing. YouTube Music key, or YouTube Music as it is now known, will also be included in the service. One of the major perks to the subscription is that the $9.99 also includes a full subscription to Google Play Music.

For gamers, the YouTube Gaming service will also be connected through YouTube Red, as well the YouTube Kids content. The idea is that all content that Google offers will be pushed through the YouTube Red service, giving Google users a great reason to stay within the Google app-mosphere. That being said, YouTube Red will work on iOS as well, it will naturally work with Android and desktops and “anywhere you sign into YouTube”.

Google will also be launching 10 new original shows behind the YouTube Red paywall. These shows include content from PewDiePie, the leading content creator on YouTube. The other shows “Sing It!” created by the Fine Bros, “Lazer Team” from Rooster Teeth and Fullscreen Films, “A Trip to Unicorn Island” from Judy McGrath’s Astronauts Wanted, an untitled Joey Graceffa project, a 360 Project from MatPat of Game Theory, “Single by 30” from Wong Fu Productions and New Form Digital, an untitled CollegeHumor project, “Fight of the Living Dead” reality show from Alpine Labs and “I Am Tobuscus” from Toby Turner.

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