Samsung intros a Home Monitoring Kit, available now

Samsung SmartThings unveiled the company’s new Home Monitoring Kit, a complete smart home solution that offers people, “an easy way to start monitoring, controlling and securing their homes from anywhere”. The new kit is now available online and at retailers nationwide.

Starting today, people can use the Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit to begin to define connected living however they choose and build a smart home that enhances their lifestyle.

“Customer education, ease-of-use, and widespread accessibility are the main factors that will influence the adoption rate of smart home technology,” said Alex Hawkinson, CEO and founder of SmartThings. “With the new Home Monitoring Kit, we’ve created an all-in-one solution that is powerful, highly customizable, and now widely available online and at national retailers so people can discover their own smart home solutions.”

The kit will monitor what’s happening when no one is home, help to identify incidents and notify users of potential problems before they become major issues. The five-piece Home Monitoring Kit serves as a building block for creating a more connected home and includes:

  • A sleek Hub that seamlessly connects smart sensors, lights, locks, cameras, and other devices
  • Two easy-to-install Multipurpose Sensors to monitor whether doors, windows, cabinets or garage doors are open or closed
  • One Motion Sensor to monitor for movement in the home and to send alerts or trigger responses by other connected devices
  • One plug-in Outlet that allows users to control lights, electronics or small appliances from their smartphone
  • The Samsung SmartThings Hub also allows users to connect the wide range of compatible smart products to enhance their smart home.

The intuitive SmartThings app is available for Android, iOS and Windows, and lets users monitor and control the smart home devices connected to their Hub from anywhere, while being able to customize actions to happen automatically based on when they wake up, go to sleep, leave for the day or return home.

Within the mobile app, a solution called Smart Home Monitor sends real time notifications and video clips, if a compatible camera is connected, so users are instantly alerted to potential household issues such as intrusion, smoke and fire, or water leaks. Video clips are captured only when an unexpected event occurs in order to maintain privacy while having complete peace of mind.

Ease of set-up, convenience and compatibility are the core of the Home Monitoring Kit. Created on an open platform, Samsung SmartThings products can easily connect with other smart devices people may already have in their home, including lightbulbs, locks, sensors, cameras and more. Samsung SmartThings devices are compatible with more than 200 smart products currently on the market.

“Samsung SmartThings retail availability puts us one step closer to delivering on our goal of creating the connected home of the future. We’re working toward developing an entire portfolio of products that will serve as the connective tissue that seamlessly links together the smart home,” said Brandt Varner, Director of Product Marketing, Smart Home, Samsung Electronics America. “Working with SmartThings, we’ve created the backbone of what will be Samsung’s smart home experience, but we’ve just begun to scratch the surface. We know the key to success is continuing to add to our Samsung SmartThings product line-up with devices that help people lead better, more efficient lives while ensuring an open ecosystem to make it painless for them to add new smart functions to their home.”

The Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit retails at $249.00 and is available online starting today and at select major home appliance retailers nationwide. The Samsung SmartCam HD Pro will be sold alongside the kit in select retail stores so people can easily get everything they need to enable video monitoring. The individual Samsung SmartThings Hub and sensors from the kit, as well as other Samsung SmartThings devices – including a Water Leak Sensor and Arrival Sensor, are also available for purchase online.

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