Lenovo’s Yoga Tablet series has been a consistently popular Android option for users over the past few years. The latest edition, the Yoga Tab 3, offers a new design and terrific entertainment options for users looking for a second screen to enjoy their favorite multimedia. Able to handle all of your social-media posts, online streaming and terrific game-option from Google Play, the Yoga Tab 3 is a terrific mid-range tablet for streaming and entertainment. This week we wanted to share our Yoga Tab 3 review with our readers.

Tablets have become increasingly popular as we watch more of our favorite shows, videos and movies on portable devices rather than our televisions. The Yoga Tab 3 was specifically designed to offer a great entertainment experience and it does that through some very impressive tech. The Yoga Tab 3 offers a unique design over the simple rectangles that you might be used to and built into that design are many of the new features.

With a quick overview of the Yoga Tab 3, you’ll notice the rotating camera, a front-facing speaker and the trademark kickstand. The kickstand is part of what makes the “Yoga” so unique. The term Yoga was used in the marketing since the tablet can be propped into four different positions.

Lenovo Tab 3 review

Since the tablet was designed for entertainment and functional use, the kickstand and its four-modes come into play quite often when using the tablet. If you are an active movie-watcher, cook, or if you prefer to watch TV while cleaning or playing with the kids or pets, then the Yoga Tab 3 kickstand will be a terrific option.

The kickstand is also terrific if you enjoy taking pictures or using video-messaging services. Your images should be bight and clear thanks to the 8MP 180° rotatable camera. There are even a few camera gesture controls built-in to the software that allow you to use hand motions to take pictures. No more timers or asking someone to help.

Lenovo states that the YOGA Tab 3 8″ holds a charge for about 20 hours and I found that to true, even when streaming on Netflix for almost an entire day of testing. That comes from the 2 Cell 6200mAH Lithium-Ion battery chosen for the 8″ model.

Speaking of streaming, I mentioned that the YOGA Tab 3 was designed to handle a lot of terrific media-options and it does so with some great tech. The two integrated front-facing speakers offer certified Dolby Atmos sound, easily one of the best-sounding speakers on the market. This is perfect if you enjoy watching content without headphones and if you enjoy a lot of online content from poplar streaming sites or from YouTube.

You’ll be watching all of those shows and movies on the 8″ HD resolution screen, which offers a resolution of 1280×800. It’s not the best screen on the market but still HD and certainly enjoyable enough for today’s media. Considering that the Yoga Tab 3 clocks in at just over $160, it’s still a terrific deal.

The YOGA Tab 3 runs on a Qualcomm 1.10GHz processor and ships with ANDROID 5.1 OS. Thanks to Google Play you’ll find all of the everyday apps that we use everyday including Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Hulu and Pinterest. You’ll also have over a million other choices thanks to the Android platform and Google Play. If you enjoy downloading a lot of media, pictures, work documents or other files to your tablets, you’ll have the option to stick with the 16GB internal memory, or simply plugin a microSD card for expanded memory.

Checking email, social-media and streaming video content are what the Yoga Tab 3 excels at. Overall it’s a powerful and light tablet with terrific sound and a long-lasting battery. The Yoga Tab 3 lives up to Yoga tradition of being convenient and innovative, offering great tech at a low-price point. At just $169 it’s a perfect option for anyone looking to add another screen for multimedia and games, or to have another option when lounging about or getting things done in and out of the house.