Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris seem fine, publicist takes aim at reports (Update)

After a seemingly incorrect report from Radar Online today, it seems everything is ok with Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris after-all. It was Swift’s publicist that came out to address the rumors Tweeting, “I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again,” adding “Do not believe Radar Online.”

The original article read:

Taylor Swift is currently on top of the music-world, selling out stadiums and dominating the pop-charts across the planet. Unfortunately ,it seems that Taylor Swift’s love-life is back in the headlines again and as usual, the reports don’t lead to a happy-ever-after scenario.

The popular couple and #swangoals creators, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, are at the center of a recent report from RADAR online that is claiming the couple has called it quits. The online publication is quoting anonymous sources in the breakup, so take this with a grain of salt-tears for now.

According to the recent Radar report the company has “learned” that Taylor Swift has decided to end the couple’s relationship “about a week ago.”

If this anonymous source is to be believed, the insider explained that break-up surrounds photos of Harris leaving a popular massage parlor known for their “happy endings”. After the photos appeared online, Swift questioned her partner about the ordeal.

According to the same source Swift said, “What the f**k?!” and the source stated that Harris lied about his usual masseuse being sick and that he “needed his shoulder worked on.” Apparently, that “wasn’t good enough for Swift” and she “gave him the boot for good.”

Other than her music-career, acting career and music-videos all simultaneously garnering a terrific response from her fans, Swift has also crafted one of the best squads of BFFs the planet has seen since the super friends. “My friendship group is one of my favorite things about my life right now. Our friends really have each others’ back.” Swift told Vogue Australia in an interview, “It’s the first time in my life that I’ve had anything strong like that in the friendship department.”

We do know one thing, If Harris did break Swift’s heart it will most-likely lead to another number-one hit from the pop-star and that the #Swifties will not hold back their anger online.