After a little over a decade of smoking regular cigarettes, I couldn’t be happier to see that e-cigarettes are quickly taking over the nicotine market across the country. The downside to the current surge of e-cigs and vaporizers is that there are a ton of bogus options among the standouts, but with some careful shopping any smoker or Vape enthusiast can find their perfect-pairing.

V2 has made a name for itself offering 3 in 1 and refillable e-Pens and Vaporizers in the past and the company’s latest line offers a few significant upgrades over their previous models.

If you’re looking for a simple cigarette substitute, the V2 Pro Series 3 should be on your list of options. It’s what helped me quit cigarettes for good (one-year this Christmas) before I moved on the V2 Pro Series 7. The V2 Pro Series 3 stands as a multi-use medium vaporizer. With this model you can choose between e-liquids, the wax options or the looseleaf variety, though it’s size makes it more suitable for e-liquid use. The pocket-portable is sleek and well designed and extremely discreet. It’s design is one of the reasons I would suggest starting with this option if you are in the market to quit traditional cigarettes.

V2 Vaporizer Pro series review 2

Smoking is mostly habit after you’ve made it past the third-day of quitting but breaking that habit can be excruciating I know. The pocket ePen cigarettes are similar to cigarettes when you use them. They aren’t the same size but they are closer than the larger Vaporizers like the V7.

I moved on to larger Vaporizers eventually, but they don’t “feel” the same as cigarette in your hand, and when you pull on them the motion is different. It’s just slightly off and I feel the pen replicates that habit better and is a better fit for people trying to quit. If I was going to suggest a model for a friend trying to quit cigarettes with a vaporizer for the first time, I would tell them to choose the V2 Pro Series 3 first.

The V2 Pro Series 3 offers a high-quality, easily portable vape option. The device itself weighs only 2 ounces, but it’s the charging and inner components that help the V2 Pro Series 3 standout the most.

The USB charging cable attaches to the pen with a magnet, a wonderful option that won’t fallout in the car or become unhooked when you’re moving things about on your desk. The mouthpiece disengages from the tube with a magnetic lock as well. A simple tug on the mouthpiece will pull the mouthpiece and tank away from the vaporizer itself.

Using the V2 Pro Series 3 couldn’t be easier. Just pull gently on the mouthpiece and the connected tank will detach from the vaporizer, unscrew the mouthpiece tip and fill with your choice of e-liquid. The device itself offers a fairly large cartridge capacity considering its size, with about 800 puffs before needing a refill.

You can lock or unlock the device with a quick 3-click button press (all actions are done using the same front-facing button, including using the vaporizer to smoke). When vaping, pressing the button will activate the 650mAh battery and the heating unit reaches 338-degrees fahrenheit instantly. Unlike the V2 Series Pro Series 7, there is only one temperature setting on the V2 Pro Series 3.

The V2 Series Pro Series 3 offers a thick, dense vape at it’s designated temperature. It’s one of the best mid-range vaporizers on the market and it offered my “smoke” and nicotine fix right on cue every time. As I mentioned before, the USB charger uses a magnetic lock to attach to the bottom of the pen. An LED light on this lock glows red when charging, then turns green when you are ready to go.

Here’s the best part of the device and a feature that VERY few pens and vaporizers offer at this price-range; the V2 Pro Series 3 and V2 Pro Series 7 can be used while charging. That eliminates the need for backup vaporizers and you never have to worry about your nicotine source going dead mid-day (as long as you can plug it into an outlet or USB port of course). When I tested out the Njoy brand, that was a big issue for me. Without the passthrough charging, I had to have two vaporizer batteries with me at all times. One charging, the other in use. You can use the V2 Pro Series while they are charged, or charging, they are always ready to work for you.

At $60, I don’t think I’ve even seen an equally efficient vaporizer pen on the market. It’s easily one of the best options at the ‘under $100 price-point’ and I highly recommend it to current vape users and people looking to quit smoking.

Now once you’ve moved on to vaping, you might want something a little more powerful. It’s at this point that you might want to move on to the V2 Pro Series 7. The device is one of the latest options that V2 has put out to-date and is a terrific choice on the Vaporizer market. At 5.08″ long, 1.34″ in diameter, the V2 Pro Series 7 is a vaporizing powerhouse that can do a lot with its compact form.

While the V2 Pro Series 3 was primarily designed for e-liquid (though as I mentioned before, the V2 Series can do all three options) the V2 Pro Series 7 can handle any of your vaporizing needs with ease. The V2 Pro Series 7 offers 3 voltage settings, which are controlled by the front-facing button and indicated by three small lights under that same button. You can quickly change between 3.7V, 4.2V or 4.7V options just by clicking the front-button a few times and cycling through the voltage choices.

The V2 Pro Series 7 offers a 150 sec cutoff for looseleaf, plenty of time to burn through your choice of filler, while e-liquid offers a precise 10 second cutoff time. The tank is large and shallow. It’s perfect for looseleaf and wax, though e-liquid tends to be easier to fill when the tank is deeper. That being said, the tank can hold a terrific amount of e-liquid; up to 2.5 ml to be exact.

The V2 Pro Series 7 offers the same terrific magnetic charging options that I talked about with the V2 Pro Series 3, and just like the V2 Pro Series 3 option it can be used while charging.

The V2 Pro Series 7 has become my go-to source for a nicotine fix and I’ve loved how quickly it charges and how it lasts the full-day with regular use. I haven’t had to buy a spare battery since the device offers the path-through use when charging and the vape produced by the unit has been consistent and satisfying.

At $169 for the full kit, the The V2 Pro Series 7 is still on the low-end of the price spectrum and offers a terrific build quality for first time users, or for someone trying to switch from traditional cigarettes.

The only downside that I found with the The V2 Pro Series is that replacing the cartridges every few weeks can be a breeze, or it can be a chore. This depends on where you live. In Brooklyn, there isn’t a store near me that sells the empty cartridges that I’ve found, so I have to order them online from the website. Normally I would order them online anyway, but it is a pain that I can’t go pick one up if I forgot to grab one. The V2 website offers a simple-to-use store locator on their website, so you can find a story near you that sells the cartridges. If you don’t have a story near you, you can always order them online.

You can find more information on The V2 Pro Series on the company’s website, including special promotional options and e-liquids to test out with your new vaporizer.