Joy Behar to host “Late Night Joy” for TLC

TLC is adding a little Joy to its lineup, the network recently announced a new half-hour weekly series LATE NIGHT JOY (working title), hosted by comedienne/talk-show personality Joy Behar. The popular star will sit-down with her real-life pals each week to talk about today’s leading topics.

According to the network every week, Joy plays host to a late-night house party in her NYC apartment where she gathers her closest friends, “to drink and dish about the things that can only be said behind closed doors”. The party starts Wednesday, November 4, at 11/10c. The series is produced by True Entertainment and Behar’s JoyBee Productions.

Joy’s joined by longtime friend Susie Essman (Curb Your Enthusiasm) and real-life pals from her various social circles to throw back a few, relax and gossip. Just as the gabfest is getting good, the doorbell rings, and a celebrity guest drops in on the fun. Celebrity lineup includes Theresa Caputo, Wendy Williams, Don Lemon, Sherri Shepherd and Colin Quinn.

Viewers are invited to look in on these intimate conversations amongst friends, and, as Joy would say, “so what, who cares,” if the cameras are rolling. Nothing is off limits, as Joy and her guests get down to the bottom of some very burning questions: are dating apps ruining our chances of finding true love? Is single the new black? Are there any secrets worth keeping from your husband? Is political correctness killing comedy? Who’s binge eating this week and why?