Popular game “This War of Mine” to allow Player-Created Scenarios and mods

A very exciting new feature is coming to the popular indie-hit “This War of Mine” that will allow players to create their own “Player-Created Scenarios”.

According to the recent announcements from the developer, staring with New Beginning (Update 1.4), This War of Mine will introduce the ability to share player-created scenarios through the Steam Workshop. The update will pave the way for enhanced modding tools, while also opening the doors for players to experience a massive collection of personalized stories from around the world.

Creative Director Michal Drozdowski says, “This is just the beginning, with additional tools being developed that will give almost unlimited possibilities for the modding scene. We know it’s a challenge. After all, This War of Mine tackles serious topics and exposes genuine emotions, and since we’re going to open up the game, many new types of war stories will appear. Yes, some of them will undoubtedly be silly, but I cannot wait to see those that approach the tragedy of war in a respectful way. I’m sure people have thousands of great scenarios in their heads and soon they will be able to bring them to life.”

In addition to sharing and modding capabilities, the storytelling possibilities within the Scenario Editor are being expanded with new, more diverse characters and additional language support in Turkish, Korean, and Japanese.