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Twitter “Moments” highlight specific content and sport highlights without the need to follow

A new update to Twitter will add curated “Moments” to your list of options when searching for today’s leading Tweets. The company launched the new feature with the tag-line, “the best of what’s happening on Twitter in an instant.”

With hundreds of millions of Tweets hitting the service everyday, it’s all too common for the casual user to miss-out on a few select instances that may have had some significance and that is what Twitter hopes to avoid with Moments.

The company will start rolling-out the new feature throughout the day, Twitter states that Moments, “helps you find the best of Twitter as easily as tapping an icon – regardless of who you follow. Just visit the new tab called Moments, where you will discover stories unfolding on Twitter.”

To jump into the feature yourself simply click the new lightning bolt tab on your phone, that will open a list of Moments that Twitter has designated as ‘moment worthy’. New Moments, with new stories, images and instances will be added thought the day.

Just by clicking a moment you will find a moment with a title and description. Once you start swiping you can jump into the article to find images “autoplaying videos, Vines, and GIFs,” according to Twitter. Just tapping once will offer more info about the Tweet, allowing you to quickly favorite, Retweet, quote or any of the other normal options that is offered when viewing Tweets in your feed. A double tap lets you instantly favorite the Tweet, much like favoriting on Instagram.

Users that swipe up or down can “dismisses” the Moment, that takes you back to the guide from the start of the process.

“Moments are often updated as new information or great Tweets become available. You’ll know a story has been updated since your last view when you see a blue dot in the upper righthand corner of the image associated with the Moment,” the company explains.

“For stories that update very frequently — like live sporting events or awards shows where it’s critical to know what’s happening minute by minute — you’ll see an option to follow the Moment, which blends the Tweets directly into your timeline.” That’s a fantastic new option for Football fans or Soccer fans for example. Twitter adds, “So you can keep track of the latest updates in real time without having to tap back and forth between tabs. When that story ends, so do the Tweets, leaving your timeline just as it was before.”

The feature will also rollout to the desktop version of the application as well. Right now the experience is rolling-out to US users on Android, iPhone and desktop. “But as with Tweets, a Moment can be shared anywhere: if you discover a link to a Moment in a Tweet or DM, or embedded elsewhere, those of you outside the US can enjoy the same experience we’re rolling out today,” Twitter explained.

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