Samsung offers a monitor with integrated wireless charging

Samsung’s latest monitor is pulling double-duty as a wireless charger. The SE370 earned itself the title of being the world’s first monitor with an integrated wireless charging function for compatible mobile devices.

The monitor, available in a 23.6-inch version, aims to declutter work areas by eliminating unnecessary cables for charging mobile devices.

“As a leader in both mobile devices and display technology, Samsung has combined our knowledge of consumer behavior and needs in these areas to create the SE370 wireless charging monitor,” said Dave Das, Senior Vice President at Samsung Electronics America, Inc. “With consumers increasingly relying on mobile devices, we are proud to offer them the ability to declutter their workspace and use mobile devices simultaneously. As an industry-first, this monitor transforms the way users see and utilize their workspace, enabling them to work in a smarter and more efficient manner.”

The Samsung SE370 was designed to consolidate multiple charging ports found in other displays into a circular wireless charging area, which is integrated in the monitor’s stand. Users simply place their mobile device on the stand’s charging area for initiation, which is then confirmed by an LED light.

By eliminating the hassle of purchasing and keeping separate charging kits, the SE370 provides an easy solution for cost savings, while also improving workspace utilization.

The monitor itself offers a Plane-to-Line-Switching (PLS) panel, with wide-viewing angles of 178 degrees. Samsung states that the brightness level, at 300 cd/m2, “creates crystal clear and vibrant imagery across the wide screen.” This device also takes advantage of Samsung’s Eye Saver Mode, which sets the “optimum picture quality suitable for eye relaxation based on the content being viewed,” according to the company.

Other features include the Eco Saving Plus function, which reduces screen brightness for increased energy efficiency. This can be enables through a standard manual settings, or an auto-setting that reduces energy consumption by approximately 10 percent,.

The Samsung SE370 is available for pre-order starting today exclusively on Newegg.