Latest GoPro Hero+ adds wifi, bluetooth and better video resolution

The new GoPro live will be adding a few fan-requested features this year. The company will be making capturing and sharing immersive, on-the-go content more accessible than ever with the release of its new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled HERO+ camera.

Starting at $199.99 MSRP, the HERO+ is waterproof and mountable as well as compatible with GoPro’s vast array of mounts and accessories. It captures stunning 1080p60 and 720p60 video and 8MP single, Time Lapse and Burst photos.

“Whether mounted to a weather balloon floating 100,000 feet above the earth to capture a sunrise across the stratosphere or in the hands of a child recording their backyard tree house adventures, HERO+ is built to capture your imagination wherever it takes you,” said Nicholas Woodman, GoPro’s founder and CEO. “Even as we continue to raise the bar for our highest performing cameras like HERO4 Black, Silver and Session, we remain committed to developing simplified products like HERO+ that make GoPro life-capture accessible to everyone.”

The HERO+ most notably adds Wi-Fi which allows it to connect with GoPro’s mobile app and benefit from convenient tools such as a Trim & Share feature. That feature allows the user to quickly create and share short video clips across leading social media channels.

All of the new HERO+ line will hit retailers in 2015, the GoPro lineup that now boasts the new HERO4 Session, which is set at a more accessible price of $299.99 MSRP.

Among the new devices are the HERO4 Black at $499, the HERO4 Silver with touch-display at $399, the HERO4 Session for $299, the HERO+LCD entry-level GoPro + Wi-Fi + touch-display convenience at $299 and the HERO+ entry-level GoPro + Wi-Fi at $199.

The other models include HERO entry-level GoPro at $129.

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