Sigourney Weaver joins “Ghostbusters” reboot, because she’s awesome

More familiar faces are coming back to the popular “Ghostbusters” franchise, the latest addition to the cast is Sigourney Weaver. Fans of the original two films should remember that Sigourney Weaver starred in both installments, Sony’s reboot of the franchise is expected to hit theaters later next year.

In the two original films Sigourney Weaver played the role of Dana Barrett but Sony stopped short of saying that Weaver is reprising her role in the new film. We will pass that confirmation along when it is announced, as for now Sony has only confirmed that Sigourney Weaver will be returning.

The confirmation of the casting came from the director on Twitter saying, “Gang, trying to keep surprises but this is about to leak, so I’ll tell you myself: the awesome Sigourney Weaver is going to be in our movie!” Paul Feig will be directing the film for Sony.

Also confirmed this week was former Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson, he will be joining his fellow Ghostbusters Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd in the new film as well. Missing from the original squad is the late Harold Ramis, who’s starred in both the 1984 film and the 1989 sequel.

The new movie will have a female-cast, pulled-together with the help from some of today’s funniest leading-ladies. Starring in the film are Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon. “Thor” himself, Chris Hemsworth, will also be joining the cast.

“Ghostbusters” will hit theaters on July 22, 2016.