In the Doctor Who universe there are two events that can really bring on the waterworks; when a favorite Doctor says goodbye before regenerating, or when a favorite companion leaves the Doctor.

This time around it will be option number two. Clara “the Impossible Girl” Oswald, will be saying goodbye to the Doctor after this upcoming season. The actor that plays Clara, the beautiful Jenna Coleman, made the confirmation earlier this week.

The confirmation came in just a few days before the official premiere of the new season of “Doctor Who,” which airs tomorrow on September 19, 2015.

While the BBC did confirm that Coleman would be leaving the series, they did not say when or how she will be saying goodbye the good Doctor. The popular companion first joined the “Doctor Who” team back on September 1, 2012 as Oswin Oswald. Her first episode was called “Asylum of the Daleks,” and we met her trying to make soufflés.

Coleman was an immediate hit with fans, her character later returned on Christmas Day of the same season, only this time playing the role of Clara Oswald. After that episode aired, Clara stayed with the Eleventh Doctor from the following episode, The Bells of Saint John, all the way to end of Matt Smith’s Doctoring.

Clara has also been the faithful companion for all of Peter Capaldi’s adventures as the Doctor as well. After filming for the last series finished, Peter commented, ‘Jenna has been absolutely brilliant. I think she’s wonderful in the show, and she’s my favorite companion.’

Fans of Coleman can expect to see her again shortly, although they will have to say goodbye in the new season of Doctor Who. The popular actor will be playing the role of Queen Victoria on an upcoming drama on the British channel ITV.

The new season of “Doctor Who” begins September 19, 2015.