Verizon Wireless beats U.S. carriers to Cuba

Thanks to a newly lifted embargo, U.S. citizens can join the rest of the world and head to Cuba for a littler R&R. If you do plan on going, you might be surprised to find that Verizon Wireless is already there for you.

It was a little over a month ago when the United States officially reopened its embassy in Cuba and starting next week, Verizon Wireless customers who travel internationally can connect easily – including talk, messaging and data – while in the Caribbean’s largest nation. If you are planning on visiting and are a Verizon Wireless customer, you will want to connect through the company’s Pay-As-You-Go International Travel option.

“Our customers are citizens of the world, and we want them to seamlessly enjoy a great Verizon experience wherever they travel,” said, Javier Farfan, vice president of cultural and segment marketing for Verizon. “By offering international services while traveling in Cuba, we are making it simple and easy for our customers to stay connected wherever and whenever they choose.”

The process is simple though it can be a little expensive. Customers using a World Device who are traveling to Cuba can opt-in to add the Pay-As-You-Go International Travel option While in Cuba, voice calls are $2.99 per minute, data is $2.05 per megabyte and standard international messaging rates apply. This allows customers the ability to stay connected while in Cuba.