Tom Brady DeflateGate suspension thrown out

Things are looking up for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Today’s ruling has nullified the popular Quarterbacks’s four-game suspension from the NFL. Brady’s suspension was issued back in May of this year.

The initial suspension was issued by the NFL for Brady’s alleged role in the infamous DeflateGate scandal. Now U.S. District Court Judge Richard Berman ruled in favor of Brady and is allowing him to play. The ruling, issued earlier today (Thursday) will allow Brady to start for the Patriots in week-one of the regular NFL season.

The case went to trial base on the players’ union request to throw out the league’s decision. The ruling “thereby vacating the four-game suspension of Tom Brady,” U.S. District Judge Richard Berman wrote in an opinion.

As it stands right now Brady can play in the Patriots’ first game, but his battle against the NFL is far from over. The NFL can still challenge the ruling at the federal appeals court in Manhattan. A decision by the NFL is expected to be released by the NFL over the next few weeks.

This marks another loss for the NFL within the U.S. court system. Previously, Ray Rice and Greg Hardy had their suspensions overturned or reduced by the courts, all while the public wants stricter penalties for players that break the law. A federal judge also nullified the suspension handed down by Roger Goodell that suspended Adrian Peterson.

Brady was thought to be involved with DeflateGate, an event that made headlines across the nation leading up to the Super Bowl. The NFL investigation stated that Brady most-likely had knowledge that members of the Patriots’ staff deflated game balls below required limits. This happened before the team’s 38-point win over the Indianapolis Colts in the conference championship game.

That win allowed the Patriots to head to the Super Bowl, which they later won 28-24 beating the Seattle Seahawks.

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