If “The Circle” has one thing going for it heading into production, it’s that the film has a dynamic and exciting cast. The new project will be an adaptation of the popular novel written by Dave Eggers and it will star Tom Hanks, Emma Watson and John Boyega.

The film will be directed by James Ponsoldt, who also wrote the screenplay to the film based off the original novel written by Eggers. Tom Hanks is producing the film, as well as starring in it, along with fellow producers Gary Goetzman, Anthony Bregman and James Ponsoldt.

The film did suffer a small setback due to a casting change. When Image Nation first bought the rights to the film back at the Cannes Film Festival, Alicia Vikander was set to star in the project. Vikander then left the film but the cast has managed to maintained Hanks and Watson as it heads into production.

In “The Circle” a woman begins her job at a powerful tech company called the “Circle”. It’s at this company that she quickly becomes involved with a mysterious man that unveils more about the powerful internet-giant.

Gillan, who most fans might recognize best from her starring role in the BBC series “Doctor Who”, will play one of the employees at the tech-company.

The Circle is very much a warning of things to come in social media and online security. The tech-company in the film offers a service that links all of it’s users’ online personal-information and profiles (including emails, social-media accounts, credit cards and other personal data) to the Circle UI – offering a singular identity for users to control and maintain.

As you can imagine things take a turn for the worse in the story. It is soon discovered that users’ personal data is not only collected, sold and monitored but also used against them depending on its severity.