Disney’s popular animated hit “Star Wars Rebels” heads to Blu-ray and DVD today. Fans of the new series can pick-up the season on starting on September 1, 2015 with “Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season One.”

The new release offers 15 episodes of the exciting Rebel action, with never-before-seen bonus material, and interviews with the cast and crew. Disney released the trailer below to get fans excited for the release of Season One on Blu-Ray, showing a few of the key bonuses that will be included with the home-video release. The Blu-Ray option will offer a virtual ticket to all the Rebls events at the highly-anticipated Star Wars Celebration convention in Anaheim.

Bothe the DVD & BD will offer the Star Wars Rebels: The Ultimate Guide – A SeasonOne Recap, hosted by Kanan. Fans will also get a preview of Rebels Season 2 with an exclusive look at what is ahead in the new season.

The collection will also feature the Rebel Leader Dave Filoni, the character shares footage, concept art, and reveals a few inside secrets from the upcoming season. Also included are the REBELS Shorts including The Machine in the Ghost, Art Attack, Entanglement and Property of Ezra Bridger.

As for the series itself, Star Wars Rebels continues the epic tradition of the legendary Star Wars saga with all-new exciting, action-packed adventures.

Set between the events of Star Wars Episodes III and IV, the story unfolds during a dark time when the evil Galactic Empire is tightening its grip of power on the galaxy. Imperial forces have occupied a remote planet and are ruining the lives of its people. The motley but clever crew of the starship Ghost — cowboy Jedi Kanan, ace pilot Hera, street-smart teenager Ezra, the “muscle” Zeb, warrior firebrand Sabine, and cantankerous old astromech droid Chopper — is among a select few who are brave enough to stand against the Empire.

Together, they will face threatening new villains, encounter colorful adversaries, embark on thrilling adventures and become heroes with the power to ignite a rebellion.

Fans can find more information and images from the Blu-Ray/DVD release on amazon.com.